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Slouch is our name, but we stand tall behind our work!

At Slouch Productions, we love what we do and have a great time doing it.  We believe that every project should be treated with respect and the final results should speak for themselves.

And, some of us have better posture than others.

Actually, the name, Slouch Productions, comes from the very first 16mm film titled “The Slouch,” that Slouch Production founder,  Melissa Friedling, ever made – a kind of documentary fairy tale that began as a story she wrote for her baby sister that began:  "There was a girl who only saw the ground, her neck was cricked and her back was round." Melissa continued to make films and videos that have been exhibited internationally at festivals, museums, and galleries.  You can find out more about her creative work, here.

She has also shared her experience by teaching at various universities – currently at The New School in New York.  She is the recipient of a Fulbright Award as well as grants from NYFA, NYSCA, and New York Women's Fund for Media, Music, and Theatre.  


Melissa started Slouch Productions to make videos for creative clients looking for something that reflects their unique identities.  With the help of some talented and like-minded partners, Slouch Productions has cultivated dedicated clients who appreciate our personal touch.  

We simply want to make you look good! 

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